Tubing down the Sok river is good fun. We start at the bridge
and then drift towards the swimming hole where we will stop
to play Tarzan with a rope hanging down from a tree. After
spending some time splashing into the deeper water we will
go on following the bendings of the river. Sometimes there
are some rapids or ramifications. You will have the chance to
see some animals at the banks of the river and if you are
lucky mangrove snakes sleeping in the branches of the trees.
Depending on the speed of the water you will be around one
hour on the water. A few kilometers down the river we will
get picked up by a car which brings us back to Khao Sok
Jasmine Garden Resort. If you wish so we will stop for a while
at the spectacular lookout point and the largest waterfall of
Khao Sok.

Price: 500 B/Person